“Experts” Want Lockdowns to be the New Normal

A Flash Brief from the team at Gingrich 360: 

The New York Times recently published an article reporting “vaccinated people still need to wear a mask.” They quoted a study in which vaccinated monkeys were found to carry the coronavirus in their noses after exposed to “massive amounts of virus.” Even then, the monkeys did not get sick. This study seems to be evidence that Americans are still at risk for COVID-19 even after being vaccinated, or at least The New York Times believes soKarol Markowicz of The New York Post poses a much simpler, but just as effective, solution to stop COVID-19: try to avoid “massive amounts of virus.” Markowicz does not mean stay confined in your homes to avoid the risk, but instead points out that the monkeys in the study had the COVID-19 virus stuck up their noses. Don’t intentionally infect yourself with COVID-19 then.  

The New York Times article supports the hypothesis that life will never go back to normal, and masking will be necessary in the future, all in the name of “reducing risk.” Markowicz makes a convincing argument that society cannot be dominated by “reducing risk.” As Markowicz points out, if risk ruled society, speed limits would be 10 miles per hour to limit car accidents, and there would be a national lockdown every year during flu season.  

President Joe Biden seems to agree with The New York Times article and in reducing risk. Biden’s senior adviser to his COVID-response team, Andy Slavitt, has posted on Twitter supporting stricter lockdowns and potentially not allowing kids back to school because they “will become vectors” of the virus. 

The US is being ruled by fear of the coronavirus. This fear will cause so-called “experts” to push for harsher COVID-19 measures and to prophesize that we will never see the end of this pandemic. Thus, we must be weary of Biden’s mask mandate and make sure that his “100-day masking challenge” doesn’t stretch into eternity 

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