Newt’s World – Episode 182: Bipartisan Baloney

The 117th Congress was sworn in on Sunday, January 3rd. They have already changed House rules, including passing a new code of conduct which changes gender pronouns.  With the attack on the Capitol this week and the pledge Wednesday night for bipartisanship among members.  Newt speculates whether President-Elect Joe Biden will encourage bipartisanship or support bipartisan baloney.

US Capitol Riots Leave 4 Dead, 70 Arrested: DC Police – Fox News

Double Standard

MSNBC Reporter Who Claimed Minneapolis Riots Were ‘Mostly Peaceful’ In Front of Burning Building Says We Shouldn’t Sugar Coat Capitol Riots – DailyWire

Biden: Police Would Have Treated BLM Protestors ‘Very Differently.’ Crenshaw: ‘This Is Disgusting And Divisive, Not To Mention Hypocritical And False’ – DailyWire

Left’s Hypocrisy On Full Display After D.C. ‘Insurrection’ – Issues & Insights

Trump Censored on Social Media

Facebook Bars Trump Through End of His Term – New York Times

Calls Grow for Social Media Platforms to Silence Trump as Rioters Storm US Capitol – USA Today

25th Amendment

Pelosi Threatens to Pursue Impeachment if Trump’s Cabinet Does Not Strip Him of Powers – New York Times

Pelosi Calls for Trump’s Immediate Ouster After Deadly Riots – Politico

Pronoun Change in House

Rules of the House of Representatives for the One Hundred Seventeenth Congress

Pelosi and McGovern Unveil Details of Rules Package for the 117th Congress – Committee on Rules 

Tulsi Gabbard Blasts New House Rules on Gender Neutral Language as ‘Height of Hypocrisy’ – The Hill


Cleaver Concludes Congressional Prayer with ‘Amen and Awoman’ – The Hill

US Congressman Who Said, ‘Amen and A-woman’ Prayer Hits Back at Critics – The Guardian