How COVID-19 Has Changed the Future of Medicine

The amazingly fast progress of COVID-19 vaccines could alter the future of medicine as we know it. A new method of data-crunching from researchers at Ohio State University uses artificial intelligence in speeding up medical trials and testing.  

The program is being used to account for variations in humans such as age, race, and the presence of other diseases when testing certain drugs. Professor Ping Zhang who works on the project explained that “Real-world data has so many confounders. This is the reason we have to introduce the deep learning algorithm, which can handle multiple parameters.” It would take humans much longer to work through these factors, whereas the artificial intelligence can sort through the data more effectively. 

While this study is currently being used for heart failure and stroke risk in patients, the team is hopeful that their methods can cover more diseases too. Zhang believes their work can lead to drugs for diseases that have no treatment and can help optimize current medical practices. 

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