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Biden in His Own Words – The Best-Laid Plans

Joe Biden has a $700 billion plan to restore American manufacturing jobs that guarantees a future made in America by American workers. If this sounds familiar, it’s probably because Biden touted the same job creating boost and “buy American” requirements in the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) stimulus package in February 2009. A classic example of big spending with little results.

Gingrich 360 Biden in His Own Words – Words Matter

Biden in His Own Words – Words Matter

Joe Biden is certainly a gaffe machine. He has even said so himself. It seems miraculous that a candidate as unskilled at communication could make it this far, and yet here he is. It is clear that the Democrats have become accustomed to explaining away the various and sundry blunders and boo-boos as Biden bungles his way across the campaign trail. It must get tiring.

Aaron Kliegman FDR, LBJ, … JRB?

Biden in His Own Words – False Confidence

Looking at recent election polls, it’s not hard to see why Joe Biden feels so confident that he’ll win the election this November. National polling data from almost every prominent outlet indicates that Biden is the candidate favored to win. The excitement of seeing himself in the lead, if only by a few points, seems to have gone straight to his head.

Biden in His Own Words – Foreign Policy Foibles

Biden in His Own Words – Foreign Policy Foibles

For most presidential candidates, an extensive foreign policy background would be a boon to their campaign. In the case of Joe Biden, however, a long record is not necessarily a good one.

Instead of learning from past policy failures, he seems intent on denying they ever happened.

Gingrich 360 Poll: Joe Biden's Vulnerability

Biden in His Own Words – Foreign Policy and China

President Trump has been the toughest American leader when it comes to China in modern history. Has Biden forgotten President Trump’s aggressive – and successful – trade fight with China? Has his campaign decided to ignore President Trump’s sharp criticism (and tough actions) against the Chinese Communist Party once it was clear China’s leadership had lied to the world about COVID-19?

Joe Biden - Biden in his own word on race

Biden in His Own Words – Race

It is time for the Democrats to have a real conversation regarding racism behind Biden’s supposed “electability.”

Joe Bizarre Moments

Biden in His Own Words – Bizarre Moments

Former Vice President Joe Biden has had his fair share of slip-ups. Everyone makes mistakes. However, how many is too many? The media and the Democrats often focus on President Trump’s tweets or off-handed comments. However, Biden is far from immune to foot-in-mouth disease.

Gingrich 360 Biden in His Own Words – Same-Sex Marriage

Biden in His Own Words – Same-Sex Marriage

Likely Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden has had a long career. He has around 40 years of political involvement, which grants time for evolution. His stances today are not what they were, and it could be commendable.

Biden in His Own Words – Black Trump Voters “Ain’t Black”

Biden said, “if you’ve got a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or for Trump, then you ain’t black.” Here we have the presumptive Democratic nominee attempting to tell voters who they are, what their history is, and how they should act.