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To be ‘problematic’ is to present a problem or difficulty.  Rob Smith is Problematic because as “America’s Favorite Black, Gay Veteran Republican” – he lets the radical left know they don’t own him, but his problematic views also get him in trouble with conservatives too.  That’s because being problematic is about thinking for yourself, as he encourages EVERYONE to do as we tackle the biggest cultural and political issues of the moment.  Join him as he gives his uniquely problematic take on news, politics, pop culture, and the issues that will define America’s future.

Outloud with Gianno Caldwell is a new weekly podcast that promises to deliver the truth to listeners no matter where they stand politically.  A sworn enemy of PC culture, Outloud is unafraid to be provocative and challenge conventional wisdom.  At the same time, this podcast is interested in big ideas and discussing the issues that matter most to Americans — and to the world at large.  Each week, host Gianno Caldwell will engage an interesting guest in a must-see conversation that will make you laugh and think.  Maybe you’ll even reconsider some long-held beliefs.  Gianno is out for the truth — and will entertain and inspire you along the way.