The Great Experiment Begins

This Friday, ZooMontana will reopen in Billings, Montana. This small event by a small zoo (the only one in Montana) is symbolic of America beginning a great experiment in managing the coronavirus while reopening society.

Our Complicit Media

Last week, CNN literally published Chinese propaganda. That’s bad. But what makes CNN’s actions utterly shameful is that the network “reported” the propaganda as hard news, presenting Beijing’s spin and disinformation as objective fact.

Joe DeSantis A Treatment for Aging? Revolutionary New Science Could Help Us Live Healthier and Longer.

Covid-19 And The “Green Eggs and Ham” of Health Care

The nation’s unprecedented response to the COVID-19 virus has rapidly produced astonishing changes to the way we learn, live, and work. It has also produced huge changes to the way we receive (and professionals practice) health care.  One of these changes is a big shift in point of care from the hospital or clinic to the home, via telehealth or virtual health care.

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