The American Majority Project

We have discovered a series of issues and values that unite 70 percent to 80 percent of Americans and totally isolate the Big Government Socialists.

In our latest survey, we asked specifically how likely voters would be to vote for a Republican candidate who stood for those values and supported those issues.

Amazingly, we consistently found numbers in the mid-to high-60 percentile of voter groups who said they were more likely to vote for these candidates. Often much more likely.

This is remarkable because partisanship is so intense now that dropping the word Republican or Democrat into questions like these usually caps results in the 50 percent range – at best.

But we had nearly half of Democrats agreeing with most of our positions. This suggests that just as there were “Reagan Democrats" in the 1980s, there are currently “American Majority Democrats” who reject Big Government Socialism and can be identified and targeted to form an American Majority.