Newt’s World – Episode 715: Founding Fathers – Benjamin Franklin

The lives of these men are essential to understanding the American form of government and our ideals of liberty. The Founding Fathers all played key roles in the securing of American independence from Great Britain and in the creation of the government of the United States of America.

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Ben Franklin’s Writings

The Autobiography Of Benjamin Franklin

Book Of Virtues

The Way To Wealth

Founding Father

Benjamin Franklin and the Declaration of Independence

Join, Or Die: America’s First Political Cartoon

Franklin: Founding Father

Benjamin Franklin’s Speech at the Constitutional Convention

Benjamin Franklin, First Postmaster General

Service in Europe

Minister to Sweden: The Swedish-American Treaty of Amity and Commerce, April 3, 1783

America’s first rock star: Benjamin Franklin in France

Treaty of Alliance with France, February 6, 1778

Negotiating the Treaty of Paris, 1783

Later Years

Later Years and Death

Benjamin Franklin Dies in Philadelphia

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