Trump’s Great Week and Biden’s Debate Desperation

by Newt Gingrich

President Joe Biden’s sudden challenge to debate Donald Trump should be studied carefully by everyone who wants to understand the American people and the deep currents which are running through our society.

All week long, President Trump sat through vicious, defamatory testimony. The full weight of corrupt, left-wing lawfare was brought to bear to attack his candidacy and protect Biden and the left from a second Trump term.

But the result was a complete repudiation of the left’s establishment and a remarkably positive signal for President Trump and the Make America Great Again movement.

MAGA beat legal smears, a totally biased left-wing propaganda media, and a stunningly well financed Democratic Party machine’s advertising and messaging.

First, President Trump himself went to Wildwood, New Jersey and received an unimaginable outpouring of support. Based on the overhead drone photos, there were somewhere between 85,000 and 100,000 people gathered in the vacation resort town. One restaurant owner told CBS News the crowd was “like Fourth of July, Labor Day weekend, and Memorial Day weekend all packed into one.”

Imagine the morale boost for the former (and likely future) President to leave a hostile New York courtroom and then see 100,000 people show up to vindicate his courage and commitment.

Trump’s Wildwood crowd may have been bigger than all the crowds Biden has spoken to in four years. It is an amazing contrast.

The news on the polling front was almost as good as New Jersey rally turnout. It was doubly enjoyable because it came from the New York Times. Imagine the anguish among the Times’ staff as they had to report that President Trump was winning the court of public opinion. It brings a smile just thinking of it.

The Times reported that among likely voters, Trump was ahead of Biden in five of six key states – and behind by only one point in the sixth state.

In some states, the numbers are beginning to be decisive. In Georgia, Trump now leads Biden by 9 points. Remember, Biden won Georgia narrowly in 2020. Now, Georgia is beginning to return to being a solid red state. Gov. Brian Kemp’s success and popularity is likely a strong factor in Georgia tracking red.

The big surprise to me was the 13-point lead in Nevada. The Nevada economy has not recovered under so-called Bidenomics. The impact of illegal immigration and crime have further weakened the Democrats there. In addition, President Trump continues to gain strength among Latinos – and this shows in Nevada.

In neighboring Arizona, a heavily contested state in 2020, Trump is leading by 6 points.

In Pennsylvania, a key state which has seen more visits by Biden than any other state except Delaware, Biden’s efforts are failing. Trump is now ahead by 3 points, 48 to 45. With a strong U.S. Senate candidate in Dave McCormick – and despite its popular Democratic governor – the Granite State may be on the verge of guaranteeing Trump’s re-election.

In another state Biden carried narrowly in 2020, Wisconsin now leans toward Trump by 47 to 46.

Biden’s only swing state lead is in Michigan, which he leads by 1 point, 47 to 46.

In addition to the New York Times poll an Emerson College poll showed Trump within 5 points in New Jersey (Biden 41, Trump 36, Robert F. Kennedy 8) and that was before the massive rally in Wildwood. Remember Biden carried New Jersey by 16 points but the GOP came within 2 points of winning the governorship.

In Virginia, a recent poll by Fabrizio, Lee & Associates and Impact Research, found the candidates virtually tied with Biden at 43 points and Trump at 42 points.

So, with all this evidence that Trump is gaining ground despite every act of left-wing lawfare, Biden decided he had to go on offense.

He challenged Trump to two debates and a vice presidential debate. They are all fairly early (presumably so if Biden fails in the debate he and the media will have time to help him recover).

The debate challenge is the clearest signal that the Biden team knows it’s in trouble.

Now things get interesting.

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