The Time Has Come for President Biden To Remove the Handcuffs on Ukraine’s Military

by Newt Gingrich

Additional American aid for Ukraine was essential and had my strongest support. Defeating Vladimir Putin is vital for the security of America and our allies. A Russian victory would threaten Eastern Europe, embolden Iran, and teach Communist China that it can attack Taiwan with no effective Western response.

However, the aid we are sending will fail if the strategy doesn’t change. Ukraine cannot win a war of attrition. There are a lot more Russians than Ukrainians. The Army has a long history of grinding its way to victory after slow, stumbling starts. Remember the disastrous opening of the Soviet attack on Finland in 1939. 

It was followed by a powerful rebuilding of Soviet forces. Similarly, the first stages of the Nazi attack in 1941 stunned the Soviet Army, but within six months it had begun to recover and push back the Germans.

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