Newt’s World – Episode 683: Student Loan Debt Forgiveness

Newt talks with Adam Kissel from The Heritage Foundation’s Center for Education Policy about the Biden administration’s new proposal for student loan debt forgiveness.

Newt discusses the Biden administration’s new student loan debt forgiveness plan with guest Adam Kissel, a visiting fellow at The Heritage Foundation’s Center for Education Policy. The plan, which is yet to be finalized and is expected to face legal challenges, proposes to forgive up to $20,000 in interest for nearly 30 million borrowers. The plan could reduce payments for 25 million borrowers and erase all debt for more than 4 million Americans. However, critics argue that the plan is regressive, as it would transfer the debt to taxpayers, potentially costing between $519 billion to over a trillion dollars over 10 years. 

Guest: Adam Kissel

Adam Kissel
Adam Kissel


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