Newt’s World – Episode 681: How Happy Are We?

Newt talks with John Helliwell about the 2024 World Happiness Report.

The 2024 World Happiness Report, released by Gallup, ranks the United States 23rd, a drop from 15th place the previous year. The top four happiest countries are Finland, Denmark, Iceland, and Sweden. The report suggests that the U.S. ranking has fallen due to the perspectives of people under 30. The report measures happiness based on life evaluations, positive emotions, and negative emotions.  Newt’s guest is John Helliwell, one of the chief editors of the World Happiness Report, a Canadian Institute for Advanced Research Distinguished Fellow, and Professor Emeritus of Economics at the University of British Columbia.

Guest: John Helliwell

John Helliwell
John Helliwell

2024 World Happiness Report – Gallup

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