Newt Gingrich on Ingraham Angle | March 8, 2024


Well, I think at the end when he left, I thought that was inspirational. Look this is the most hateful, divisive and destructive speech ever given at a State of the Union. Literally, I went back and this morning and read Harry Truman’s 1948 State of the Union, which is statesman-like, patriotic, unifying, because he came as a very tough partisan in September, in January and February, he was the president of the United States. This was the Democratic Campaign Committee’s speech. And it was vicious. It was hateful. To lecture the Supreme Court is so far beyond the pale that it’s frankly worthy of censure. To start his speech with three consecutive attacks on his political opponent tells you both how desperate they are, how lacking in any scruples they are. And I really do think that this this is a speech which will lead an immense number of Americans to decide that they are not under any circumstance ever support Joe Biden for anything.


And though the point of this, the point I just made, though, this guy didn’t. This guy didn’t go back and read Truman speech, Truman all through the spring was the president of the United States, in the fall he was the Democratic nominee. That historian clearly is not very competent and didn’t go back and look at Truman. Truman would never have given the speech because as a historian himself, he knew that it was beneath the dignity of the president. It was a betrayal of his constitutional responsibility. And it was an insult. Notice that, by the way, Biden never really got strong emotionally about Putin, about Houthis, about Iran. But he gets very strong emotionally when he’s attacking Americans. If you go back and play it every really emotional attack in that speech is against his fellow Americans, which is a really bad sign.


Look, I mean, I think part of the reason he was lecturing the court is recently in the Colorado case, the Supreme Court voted by 9 to 0, the most liberal and radical members, 9 to 0 that the threat to democracy wasn’t Donald Trump. The threat to democracy was the Democratic Party. I think that ought to tell most Americans, the real threat to democracy in America is the Democratic Party, Department of Justice and Joe Biden.

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