Newt’s World – Episode 663: Mark Halperin on Election 2024

Newt talks with Mark Halperin, political reporter and analyst, about the 2024 election and his new platform 2WAY.

Political reporter and analyst Mark Halperin discusses the current political landscape, the 2024 election, and his views on the potential nominees. He believes that Joe Biden will be the Democratic nominee unless he faces a severe health problem or his son, Hunter Biden, is convicted and faces prison time. On the Republican side, Halperin predicts who will be Trump’s vice-presidential pick. He also discusses his new platform, 2WAY. 2WAY is a live video platform that allows participants to take part in informative and civil conversations online with people from across the political spectrum.

Guest: Mark Halperin

Mark Halperin
Mark Halperin


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