Newt’s World – Episode 654: Crisis at the U.S.–Mexico Border

Newt talks with Lora Ries, Director of the Border Security and Immigration Center at The Heritage Foundation, about the crisis at the U.S.–Mexico border.

Last month set a new U.S.–Mexico border monthly migration record with 225,000 migrants crossing the U.S. southern border.  We have seen scenes of the impact of their arrival in Eagle Pass, Texas, in the streets of El Paso, and at The Roosevelt Hotel in New York City. All locations that are trying to accommodate the huge influx of people coming to the United States illegally. How should Congress act to manage the crisis?  Newt’s guest is Lora Ries, Director of the Border Security and Immigration Center at The Heritage Foundation.

Guest: Lora Ries

Lora Ries


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