Newt’s World – Episode 641: Patients Push Back – The Struggle Against Big Government in Transplant Care

Newt talks with Dr. Steven Potter, Eddie Garcia and Congressman Michael Burgess about the red-tape challenge transplant patients are facing.

There are over 100,000 Americans on the organ transplant waiting list. However, the journey doesn’t stop after receiving a transplant. The threat of organ rejection is a constant worry, with significant failure rates within the first five years post-transplant. And now there is a new hurdle introduced by private government contractors, jeopardizing the health of transplanted organs.  Innovative blood tests allow physicians to detect organ damage and rejection before patients show symptoms. Doctors require these crucial blood tests to effectively monitor and manage the care of their immunocompromised patients.  Newt’s guests are Dr. Steven Potter, an experienced kidney and pancreas transplant surgeon, Eddie Garcia, a heart transplant recipient, and Congressman Michael Burgess of Texas.

Guests: Dr. Steven Potter, Congressman Michael Burgess, and Eddie Garcia

Dr. Steven Potter
Dr. Steven Potter
Congressman Michael Burgess
Eddie Garcia
Eddie Garcia
Summer in the Waiting Room
Summer in the Waiting Room

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