Newt’s World – Episode 639: Election 2024 – No Labels “Unity Ticket”

Newt talks with Ryan Clancy, Chief Strategist of No Labels, about the 2024 presidential primaries and the possibility of announcing a Unity ticket.

According to a recent Gallup poll from October 2023, support for a third-party presidential candidate is up to 63%. This represents a seven-percentage-point increase from a year ago and is the highest since Gallup first asked the question in 2003. The organization “No Labels” is working to ensure Americans have the choice to vote for a presidential ticket that features strong, effective, and honest leaders who will commit to working closely with both parties to find commonsense solutions to America’s biggest problems. No Labels has proposed a Unity ticket for 2024. Newt’s guest is Ryan Clancy, Chief Strategist of No Labels.

Guest: Ryan Clancy

Ryan Clancy
Ryan Clancy


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