Newt Gingrich on Hannity | December 7, 2023


Well, look, I think at a practical level, when you look at all the information, what you have is essentially what I called in a recent newsletter the Delaware Sopranos. This is a crime family. They were willing to sell out the interest of the United States, as somebody said the other day, you now have, in effect, a Chinese Russian paid agent sitting in the Oval Office. It’s very hard for me to think that any normal person looking at the amount of evidence that every single day gets bigger. And Chairman Colmer has been a part of that and has done a good job of digging into this. You also have people at the Ways and Means Committee. You have people, with Jim Jordan at the Judiciary Committee. Every day something new comes out and presently you’re going to have such an enormous mound of evidence that it’s going to be very hard for reasonable people to not at least say, we need to know what’s going on. I’ll be very curious as all of this develops, whether there won’t be some Democrats who vote for the impeachment process when it comes to the floor of the House. And I can’t imagine, given everything which has been surfaced, why any Republican would vote against them. Remember this is not a vote on impeachment. It’s a vote on investigating and using the system in order to bring to the surface things that at least today look like there amazingly criminal.


Look, there are a couple of clear things here. First, Joe Biden is a liar and a crook. Second, there was an amazing amount of foreign influence pouring into this country from Kazakhstan, Romania, Ukraine, Russia, China. I mean, this is clearly the biggest presidential scandal in American history in terms of sheer influence peddling. In addition, it’s very clear to me at least that they built an entire structure. You have to say to yourself, why would they have all of these shell companies? Why would they have this elaborate system of trying to hide what was going on? We know more and more that there were all sorts of emails. I saw one report today that Joe Biden as vice president may have sent several hundred emails to various people who worked for one of the companies that Hunter had set up. But but here’s the bigger picture. You didn’t go around, you know, go about this leaf or that leaf. You can argue about this tree or that tree, but when you see the whole forest, it’s pretty hard to reach any conclusion except these people methodically set out to make money doing things that they knew were wrong to take money from foreigners, including our major competitors in the world, and then to methodically lie about it. I mean, it’s very hard to look at the bigger picture and not reach that conclusion.

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