Medicare’s Private Contractors Must Stop Gaslighting Transplant Patients and Fix Its Mistake

by Newt Gingrich

Once again, the government is getting between patients and their doctors to ration care—and it’s endangering my own family. 

Due to rare a lung disease that runs in the McPherson side of my family, two of my siblings have had lung transplants. Further, my sister-in-law has had a liver transplant. When my brother Randy received his transplant four years ago at our local hospital, INOVA, he stayed at our house for months while he recovered. I have personally witnessed the physical and emotional journey of a loved one who needs a transplant – and the relief and joy of being given a second chance through the gift of a donated organ. 

Randy’s lung transplant was successful, but we quickly learned it was just the beginning of his journey as a transplant recipient. The complexity and precision needed to keep his newly transplanted organ healthy was intense. Estimates indicate that more than 40 percent of lung transplants will fail within five years. This is most often due to organ rejection by the recipient’s immune system. Doctors must find a precise balance of immunosuppressive drugs to keep the body from attacking itself.

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