Newt Gingrich on Hannity | November 16, 2023


Sure. It’s not complicated. If people are passive, if they’re timid, if they’re afraid. Evil dominates. This is not complicated at all. When good men and good women refuse to stand up for the truth, evil dominates. So let’s look at a couple of And first of all, as my wife Callista just said in a newsletter, TikTok should either be banned or they should sell it to an American company. But the idea of having a Chinese communist propaganda system in the United States is just crazy. Second, we need to learn to say to young people, this is wrong. You are stupid. We need to stand up for civilization and not be timid and not be confused when babies are beheaded. It is evil. It’s not confusing. It’s not complicated. Osama bin Laden was a terrorist whose goal was to destroy the United States. Now, let’s you know, this is why I think we should go back to having the Pledge of Allegiance in every classroom, every morning. We need to re-instill in people a sense of patriotism. This country is unique. It is valuable. It has human rights at a level no country has ever had before. And we have to be prepared to defend it. And today, our elites are so confused that they’re dominated by people who are basically mentally ill.


Look, you have in the Democratic Party on the left, a group of people who don’t believe in America. They want open borders because they want to drown America with foreigners. They also, frankly, don’t believe in American patriotism. They don’t believe in America as a unique civilization. So this is a fact. That’s a reality. And the Biden administration is trapped by these people into a series of policies that, by any reasonable standard are insane. The fact is that we have to have control of our borders. But beyond that, there are students who are here who have been demonstrating for anti-Semitism, demonstrating for genocide in Israel. Those students should all be deported, period. Whether they have a student visa or whatever kind of visa they have, they have no right to be in America if they’re in favor of evil. And I would regard the kind of things we saw Hamas do on October 7th as pure evil and therefore worthy of standing up to it.

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