Controversial Gun Control Order by New Mexico Governor Sparks Legal Battle and Bipartisan Outcry 

Federal District Judge temporarily blocks gun control order. 

New Mexico Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham recently issued a highly controversial gun control order in Albuquerque. The order bans carrying firearms in public for self-defense for 30 days, irrespective of whether individuals hold concealed-carry permits or comply with state law. 

U.S. District Judge Davis Urias sided with plaintiffs accusing Governor Grisham of infringing upon their constitutional rights. Judge Urias granted a temporary restraining order, effectively blocking the governor’s suspension of gun rights until a hearing scheduled for October 3.   

Remarkably, major gun control organizations and fellow Democrats in the state legislature have distanced themselves from the order, deeming it unconstitutional. Many believe that the order fails to address Albuquerque’s actual crime problems while unfairly targeting lawful gun owners. 

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