Newt Gingrich on The Ingraham Angle | September 13, 2023


Well, this may be one of the great strategic mistakes for reelection that anybody has made in modern times. Bidennomics is going to become an absurdity. The average everyday American knows that the price of gasoline is going up. And by the way, every indication is that the Biden administration policies are going to make gasoline even more expensive. So gasoline is a major factor in the consumer price index. And as it keeps going up, you’re going to see the inflation go up. At the same time, everybody who goes grocery shopping and Callista and I did this over the weekend. You’re startled by some of the prices. And, you know, that Joe Biden, you know, he has a great chef at the White House. He gets to fly Air Force One. He gets to go to Wilmington and be surrounded by people. I don’t think they have a clue how bad inflation is. High prices are for the average American. And Bidennomics may be one of the reasons that one of the most important deep state columnist, David Ignatius wrote a column this morning saying Biden should drop out. I think this began to sink in to Democrats that Biden getting reelected is going to be very, very hard.


Look, if you were a hard line left winger, you believe in a world that’s a fantasy. Now, if you really believe in that world, you can’t face any facts because the facts would destroy your belief system. So you make things up and you get used to lying to each other, and that makes you out of touch with reality. I thought the other day when the Secretary of Energy couldn’t actually take the drive in the electric vehicle because, for example, I think there are only 37 charging stations in all of West Virginia. And here she is out in a PR stunt. And it turns out they they staffed it so stupidly they didn’t realize she couldn’t possibly do what they were promising. This kind of stuff goes on every day in this administration.


The governor is crazy. It’s another example of the rule of power replacing the rule of law. There is no constitutional provision that allows you to do that. And by the way, she has to be personally, unilaterally suspending New Mexico law to do it. It is an example of the total power that the left believes they have to tell us what to do.

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