President Joe Biden’s Inflation is Here to Stay: Key Indicators Revealed 

Assessing Five Drivers Behind President Biden’s Inflation. 

The Committee to Unleash Prosperity’s quarterly inflation gauge assesses five key indicators: the Commodity Research Bureau index, the ten-year Treasury bill interest rate, gold prices, Treasury Inflation-Protected Securities, and M2 money supply.  

The Commodity Research Bureau index, tracking nearly two dozen commodities, exhibits a continuous upward pricing trend. Meanwhile, the ten-year Treasury interest rate reaches a new high during President Biden’s term, standing at 4.3 percent. 

Gold, renowned as an inflation hedge, remains within the $1,900 to $2,000 price range. Treasury Inflation-Protected Securities reflect an inflation rate of roughly 2.3 percent. here was a substantial surge in dollar creation in 2020 and 2021, with a slight reduction in 2023. This served as a mitigating factor for inflation, albeit with limited impact. Collectively, these factors indicate the persistence of President Biden’s inflation

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