Alaska’s Energy Sector Under Siege by Biden’s Agenda

The ‘Bidenomics’ plan for western reliance on foreign energy.

On Sept. 6, the Biden-Harris administration declared yet another policy targeting Alaska by cancelling oil and gas leases in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (Arctic Refuge).

This latest move by President Joe Biden marks the 55th executive order and action, effectively nullifying the remaining Trump-era policies in Alaska. In the name of protecting the planet, President Biden has terminated “leases covering 430,000 acres, banned oil and gas production on another 2.8 million acres, and imposed draconian regs amounting to a near-ban on another 10 million acres.”

However, the energy security of the nation is in decline. President Biden’s energy strategy increasingly relies on foreign resources, including OPEC and countries such as Venezuela. This shift comes at a cost to the American public, facing soaring oil prices at the gas pump with seemingly no end in sight.

Read more on the Biden administration’s War on Alaska Oil and Gas at The Committee To Unleash Prosperity.

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