Charity of the Month: American Red Cross Disaster Relief Services

The Gingrich Foundation

Last month, residents of Maui and Oahu, Hawaii endured catastrophic wildfires that claimed more than 100 lives and destroyed communities. Weeks later, Florida, Georgia, and the Carolinas were pummeled by Hurricane Idalia.

The devastation in Hawaii and the Southeast has been heartbreaking. To help those impacted by these disasters, the Gingrich Foundation has named the American Red Cross Disaster Relief Services as its September Charity of the Month.

Since the wildfires began burning through Maui and Oahu, the American Red Cross has assisted local governments in providing temporary housing to more than 48,400 people. The American Red Cross continues to work with federal and state agencies to provide shelter, meals, and physical and mental health services to the many thousands of victims of the fires.

The organization has also sent more than 400 disaster response workers to the American Southeast to aid the many thousands affected by heavy rains, high winds, storm surges, and extreme flooding left by Hurricane Idalia. In Florida alone, more than 90,000 homes and businesses were without power after the powerful storm made landfall. At the same time, the region experienced extremely high temperatures, storm damage, and extreme flooding.

As the rescue and recovery efforts continue in Hawaii and the Southeast, the American Red Cross is one of the most experienced organizations providing assistance.

Its expertise at disaster relief is unparalleled, responding to an average of 60,000 disasters each year.

Please join us this month in assisting those affected by the Hawaii wildfires and Hurricane Idalia through the American Red Cross Disaster Relief Services.