Devon Archer and the Crumbling Biden Defense

The Devon Archer testimony will be seen as one of the major breaking points where reality and facts began to undermine the Biden family’s crumbling defense of dishonesty and dissimulation.

by Newt Gingrich

It is clear after Devon Archer’s detailed testimony Monday in front of the House Oversight and Accountability Committee that President Joe Biden’s original story simply does not survive the facts.

In fact, Archer’s testimony combined with the collapse of the Hunter Biden plea deal in federal court has virtually guaranteed that there will be an expanded impeachment inquiry.

It is important to distinguish between an impeachment inquiry and an actual motion of impeachment. The act of launching the inquiry allows the House to ask wider ranging questions and expands the range of investigation powers House Republicans can bring to bear. It may or may not lead to an act of impeachment.

Consider how much Archer’s testimony has blown holes in President Biden’s defense that he had nothing to do with Hunter Biden’s business deals – and knew nothing about them.

Archer was a close business partner of the Hunter Biden’s and there are several pictures of him together with then-Vice President Biden. There is also a generous letter from the then Vice President about how happy he was that Archer and Hunter Biden were working together.

As Archer testified about the details of their working relationship, he proved decisively that candidate and later President Biden has consistently lied to the American people.

As Miranda Devine reported in the New York Post, “No matter how desperately Democrats and their media handmaidens try to spin Archer’s testimony, he has changed the game.”

It is clear that the Ukrainian natural gas company Burisma was paying Archer and Hunter Biden $83,000 a month apiece, for access to Joe Biden.

Ukrainian Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin was investigating corruption involving Burisma. In his testimony, Archer said, “I do believe that, at the end of the day, Burisma wouldn’t have stayed in business so long if Hunter was not on the board.”

By Joe Biden’s own boasting in a speech to the Council on Foreign Relations, he flew to Ukraine and threatened the Ukrainian government that he would withhold $1 billion in U.S. aid unless Shokin was fired. As Biden put it, he warned them that the money would be cut off if they did not fire Shokin. Three months later, Shokin was gone, and as Archer said, Burisma was saved.

Archer testified that Vice President Biden’s activities and influence spread far beyond Ukraine. He asserted that Hunter called his father at least 20 times in an effort to impress foreign businesspeople. On several occasions, Hunter put his fathers on the speakerphone so everyone present could see that he offered real access to the second most powerful person in the United States government.

As former Bush press secretary Ari Fleischer said on “Hannity,” “If I was pitching clients right now and I said, ‘Hey, before we get going to this meeting, I’ve got George Bush on the line. He just wants to talk to you about the weather. Hey, Mr. President, it’s great to have you here.’ Everybody in that room would go, ‘Oh, he can get the president on the line. Isn’t that something?’ Everybody knows what that would be. The difference is no politician I’ve ever worked for would have gotten on that line. It would have been unethical. It was corruption. Joe Biden got on the line more than 20 times. That is corruption.”

It was more than phone calls. Vice President Biden had dinner with Hunter’s foreign business associates on at least two occasions. He had dinner in Paris with a French energy company and in China with a Chinese investment firm – and of course, he took Hunter with him on Air Force Two.

As Chairman James Comer said on “Just the News, No Noise,” “It’s just unbelievable.

“When in American history has a vice president ever taken an active role, and demanded that a prosecutor be fired in a foreign country for simply investigating a business that was domiciled in that foreign country? Never. The evidence continues to mount that the real quid pro quo pertaining to Ukraine in Burisma was Joe Biden. …

“That’s why we’re investigating Joe Biden. We know his family has sold access to him for years. The problem is we could have a president that’s compromised.”

Given all this information it is no wonder Speaker Kevin McCarthy indicated this investigation could turn into an impeachment inquiry.

As the Biden family corruption becomes clearer – and the defenses become more absurd – the Archer testimony will be seen as one of the major breaking points where reality and facts began to undermine a crumbling defense of dishonesty and dissimulation.

This is an important week for American politics – American and history.

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