Devon Archer and the End of the Beginning

We are at a turning point in the parallel investigations into the corrupt behaviors of the Biden family and law breaking at the Department of Justice.

by Newt Gingrich

We are at a turning point in the parallel investigations into corrupt behaviors of the Biden family and law breaking by some of America’s top law enforcement agencies.

Consider recent events.

Hunter Biden’s sweetheart plea bargain collapsed in Delaware. The Department of Justice sent a weekend letter asking a judge to set a date for sentencing Devon Archer (two days before his congressional testimony and noting that the length of his sentence had not yet been decided). Then, Archer reportedly gave direct, blunt, and revealing testimony (the transcript will be available Thursday). This is all rising above politics and becoming historic.

The same sort of thing had happened to President Richard Nixon. First, there was an inquiry into a break-in by low-level operatives. It then morphed into a full-blown investigation into criminal behavior by the Nixon administration. Ultimately, 46 people were convicted of a wide range of crimes. The only cabinet officer ever sent to jail was Attorney General John Mitchell for obstruction of justice. This is a precedent which current Attorney General Merrick Garland should take to heart.

It is now clear that candidate Joe Biden lied relentlessly about his son’s business activities – and large parts of the establishment were helping with his lies. In the second 2020 debate with President Donald Trump, Joe Biden proudly cited the 50 intelligence officers who had signed a letter claiming the Hunter Biden laptop story was Russian disinformation. We now know that the letter – and Joe Biden’s use of it – was all a lie.

Given recent events, the establishment media is beginning to take the Bidens’ dishonesty seriously. For the first time, the New York Times and the Washington Post are critically viewing Biden’s statements with appropriate skepticism. They have not yet committed their reporters to in-depth investigations (we have yet to see this generation’s Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein meet the challenge).

As stories about Archer’s testimony began to come out, it struck me that we are moving toward the kind of impeachment inquiry Speaker Kevin McCarthy alluded to a few days earlier.

Chairman James Comer and his committee have been doing an outstanding job of digging into the Biden and Justice Department scandals.  The Archer testimony is merely the latest breakthrough they have developed.

We are not at the end of this story.

We are not even at the beginning of the end.

I was reminded of Prime Minister Winston Churchill’s comment after the British victory at El Alamein in November 1942: “This is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning.”

The New York Post captured the essence of Archer’s testimony:

“That’s how influence peddling works. The product being peddled was Joe Biden.

“That’s why Hunter and his uncle Jim Biden were paid millions of dollars by Ukrainians, Chinese, Russians, Romanians, Kazakhs and so on.”

The New York Post and its brilliant reporter Miranda Devine have covered the Hunter Biden laptop story since 2020. For reporting accurately what was on the laptop, they were blocked by the social media giants – since it would have destroyed Joe Biden’s candidacy and re-elected President Trump.

Suddenly, the establishment newspapers are beginning to be convinced, too.

While the New York Times is still largely towing the establishment line, the paper reported:

“Still, Mr. Archer’s testimony underscored that Mr. Biden had made false or misleading statements regarding his family members’ finances. During the 2020 presidential debate, Mr. Biden claimed that no one in his family had received money from China, when, in fact, Hunter Biden and his business associates took in millions from a Chinese firm.

“In 2019, Mr. Biden also repeatedly said he had ‘never discussed’ and had ‘never spoken to’ Hunter Biden about his business dealings.

“Recently, the White House spokeswoman, Karine Jean-Pierre, has begun speaking in less declarative terms about the matter, saying that Mr. Biden ‘was never in business with his son.’”

Not far behind the Times was an op-ed by Jason Willick in the Washington Post:

“[E]ven if none of the ‘Biden family business’ allegations stick, the collapse of Hunter Biden’s plea deal in open court punctures the Biden administration’s sanctimony about an independent Justice Department.”

The remarkable Mark Halperin, in his report The Wide World of News (which I read every day and recommend to everyone interested in American politics and government) captured the essence of where we are now:

“The Dominant Media now believes for sure that Joe Biden lied knowingly and repeatedly about his connection to Hunter’s deals; that Hunter’s plea deal was as fishy as the contours of the investigation that led up to it; that Hunter’s influence peddling involved his father directly; that it would not be surprising if Joe made money off of Hunter’s deal; and that it would only be a little bit surprising if Joe did ‘stuff’ to help Hunter get and keep deals.

“All of that means that the House investigation in the eyes of the Dominant Media is no longer a purely partisan witch hunt. The press doesn’t see it quite yet as a search for the truth that is in the public interest. But it has veered in that direction.”

We are not at the beginning of the end for Biden and Justice Department corruption. We may be at the end of the beginning.

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