All Roads Lead to Joe Biden

As all of Hunter Biden’s dirty dealings became public, everyone is learning just how involved President Joe Biden was every step of the way.

by Newt Gingrich

There are two major congressional investigations underway.

The first is looking into the Biden family’s potentially criminal moneymaking activities.

The second is investigating the various federal law enforcement efforts to protect the Bidens from scrutiny while aggressively trying to destroy former President Donald Trump.

The striking thing to me is that President Joe Biden is at the heart of both stories.

Biden is the center of the moneymaking schemes. Hunter Biden is just a bagman for the family enrichment program. No one gave money to Hunter Biden because of his skills, and no one is paying hundreds of thousands of dollars for his paintings because he is the next Van Gogh or Monet. If his name was Hunter Jones he would likely be an unemployed starving artist (or in jail).

The President is also at the center of corrupting the federal law enforcement system. While Hunter Biden is the one being protected, he has no real ability or influence to get federal agencies to break their own rules – or in many cases obstruct justice on behalf of protecting President Biden and his family.

And it is increasingly apparent this is exactly what is happening.

Two IRS whistleblowers recently testified that the DOJ stymied the investigation into Hunter Bidens potential tax crimes. According to their testimony, political appointees and high-ranking officials in the DOJ refused to bring some serious charges against Hunter Biden. The DOJ reportedly barred IRS investigators from reviewing crucial communications related to their case – and they even sabotaged IRS efforts to interview Hunter Biden during the investigation by tipping off Joe Bidens political transition team.

Then, of course, the same DOJ offered Hunter Biden a sweetheart, no-jail-time plea deal for refusing to pay taxes on more than $1.5 million for two years and lying on a federal firearms purchasing form.

Naturally, DOJ officials – including U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland – have dismissed these allegations of bias and protectionism as politically motivated and fake. Much of the elite corporate media has happily accepted this position. 

They ignore that the IRS is under the Department of the Treasury – a separate agency of the federal government. Its law enforcement powers are, by design, separate from the DOJ and Federal Bureau of Investigation. The corporate media happily accepts the DOJ – and therefore Biden White House – view of the world.

This isnt isolated behavior from the Biden-loyal establishment.

Recall, long before the IRS investigation began, a cabal of former intelligence officials tried to convince the country that the information on Hunter Bidens infamous laptop (which revealed a great deal of his potential lawbreaking) was Russian disinformation. We now know that those 50 former officials were at best profoundly wrong — and at worst intentionally trying to deceive the American people. The elite corporate media prefers the first version of the narrative.

Theres been little to no official inquiry into why Hunter Biden received the gift of a diamond from a Chinese oligarch, why the widow of the former mayor of Moscow paid him $3.5 million, or why he was appointed to the board of a Ukrainian oil & gas company with no experience in that (or any) field. Theres no big federal investigation into the millions of dollars Biden family members have received from people in Kazakhstan, Romania, Russia, Ukraine, and China.

Hunter Biden should probably have been arrested years ago – and for far more than tax evasion. It is easy to get lost in the numerous stories of shady deals, extravagant gifts, and foreign influence schemes.

Thats exactly why we must remember one important truth: None of this is about Hunter Biden.

President Joe Bidens DOJ isnt protecting Hunter Biden out of any compassion for a recovering drug addict – or even simply because hes a member of the first family. Joe Biden isnt even trying to protect his own reputation.

The truth is: Joe Biden used influence peddling as vice president – and probably as a senator – to enrich his immediate family members and allies – and to ensure that he would personally have a comfortable life outside of office. Throughout much of this, Hunter Biden was his bagman.

If all Hunter Bidens dirty dealings became public, everyone would learn just how involved the Big Guy” was every step of the way.

Joe Biden is not protecting his son. Hes protecting himself.

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