The Bidens Cancel a 4-Year-Old and Make Her an “Unperson”

There is something particularly cruel about a president and a grandfather who, with his unavoidable media presence, constantly reminds Navy Joan Roberts, the daughter of Hunter Biden, of her “unperson” status.

by Newt Gingrich

When one of the most significant left-wing columnists, Maureen Dowd of The New York Times, writes an opinion piece titled, “It’s Seven Grandkids, Mr. President,” you know that President Joe Biden has made a huge mistake.

Dowd was referring to Navy Joan Roberts, the daughter of Hunter Biden (as was confirmed in a 2019 DNA test).

There is something particularly cruel about a president and a grandfather who, with his unavoidable media presence, constantly reminds this little girl of her “unperson” status.

Reportedly, the Biden staff has been told to publicly say that there are only six grandchildren.

This is both a lie and is emotionally contradictory to every decent feeling we should have toward children.

What harm would it have done to the president to put up a seventh Christmas stocking, to invite Navy Joan to the White House for cookies and a photo, or to treat his granddaughter and her mother with dignity?

As Sen. Tom Cotton of the Roberts’ home state of Arkansas tweeted, “Remarkable that Joe Biden hangs a Christmas stocking for his dog but won’t acknowledge his granddaughter. “

What kind of apathetic mind thinks they can will a person out of existence by simply denying the fact of their existence?

In a free society, it is obvious that Navy Joan Roberts exists and that her mother, Lunden Roberts, seems to be doing a pretty good job giving her the affection and attention that she deserves. The various pictures of them traveling, including to Washington D.C., are what you would like to see a mother and daughter doing together.

Despite the inhumanity and cruelty of the Bidens, Navy Joan is going to be surrounded by a lot of love from her immediate family as she grows.

The sharp contrast in compassion and decency between Joe Biden, Navy Joan’s paternal grandfather, and Rob Roberts, her maternal grandfather, is clear.

According to The New York Times, “The girl is aware that her father is Hunter Biden and that her paternal grandfather is the president of the United States. She speaks about both of them often, but she has not met them. Her maternal grandfather, Rob Roberts, described her as whip-smart and funny. ‘I may not be the POTUS,’ Mr. Roberts said in a text message, using an acronym for the president, but he said he would do anything for his granddaughter. He said she ‘needs for nothing and never will.’”

Three things leaped out at me when I first saw the story that the president insisted to his staff that he only had six grandchildren.

First, it revealed the president’s iron will to disregard the truth that apparently intimidates even his closest advisers. It seems as though no one felt comfortable pointing out that this was a decision to cancel a 4-year-old girl and turn her into an unperson (a term Robert Heinlein used to describe the Stalinist system wiping out those who had fallen out of favor).

In China, the communist dictatorship could eliminate the reality of the Tiananmen Square uprising. In Stalin’s communist dictatorship, people as prominent as Leon Trotsky could disappears from the historic records and even have their faces erased from historic photographs. Could the same rewriting of reality be attempted in a free society?

President Biden apparently decided that George Orwell’s description of a “memory hole,” into which undesirable facts could be eliminated, was a pretty good idea. In the Biden White House, Navy Joan became a non-memory. And yet none of his staff had the courage – or felt the freedom – to point out that these approaches only work in a dictatorship.

Second, an administration willing to go as far as cancelling a 4-year-old girl is evidently willing to smear, prosecute, and lock up anyone who threatens them or their motives. The Justice Department and the FBI’s willingness to break the rules and the law to go after people they feel threatened by is an astonishing break with the American tradition of the Constitution and the rule of law. However, in the pattern of hostile ruthlessness (personified by a grandfather’s total repudiation of even the existence of a granddaughter), the Biden Justice Department’s relentless pursuit of anyone who threatens it is simply more of the same.

Third, this relentless denial of reality explains a lot about President Biden’s behavior toward Hunter. Hunter got a sweetheart deal on his tax-related crimes (which were only pursued after the statute of limitation had eliminated his greatest vulnerabilities). Days later, he was in a tuxedo at a White House state dinner, behaving as though he has never done anything wrong. The Biden’s believe they can will the country into ignoring their corrupt behavior – just as they believe they can will the country to ignore the reality that they have a seventh grandchild.

Just as Navy Joan cannot be willed away, neither can the millions of dollars the family bankrolled from Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, Romania, and China. Nonetheless, the Biden family’s business dealings are not to be questioned. They are not to be mentioned. We are told to believe they were legitimate.

Anyone questioning the legitimacy of millions of dollars in foreign money going through multiple front companies simply doesn’t understand the Biden reality.

The entire Biden team is dedicated to maintaining total fictions no matter how absurd.

Their hope is that the American people will go along with the continuous dishonesty and brazen falsehoods.

This Christmas, count how many stockings are hanging at the White House to see if the Bidens really can sustain total falsehoods, no matter who it hurts or how shameful it is.

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