Charity of the Month: Easterseals

The Gingrich Foundation is proud to announce Easterseals as its June Charity of the Month in recognition of the organization’s unrivaled work in serving people with disabilities and helping them live meaningful and productive lives.

Easterseals has worked to improve the lives of those with special needs for more than 100 years.

Founded by prominent businessman Edgar Allen, the organization began as a hospital that was established following the death of Mr. Allen’s son in a streetcar accident. His work at the hospital provided first-hand experience that allowed Mr. Allen to notice the severe lack of support for children with disabilities. In 1919, Allen founded the National Society for Crippled Children to help address their unique challenges.

A decade and a half later, the society launched an Easter fundraising campaign in which donors purchased “seals” featuring a lily for letters and envelopes. The initiative took off, sparking a wave of awareness and support across the country for Americans with disabilities. With this increased attention, the organization expanded its mission nationwide and, in 1967, the organization officially changed its name to “Easterseals.”

Today, Easterseals has grown to an international organization supporting individuals with a variety of disabilities and serves more than 1.5 million people each year. Through its network of 65 affiliates in the United States, Easterseals offers childcare for those with special needs. For school-aged children and adults, Easterseals provides not only adult day care, in-home and workplace services, but also several support programs, including outpatient therapy and a school-to-work transition program.

Moreover, Easterseals assists many of our veterans as they transition back to civilian life.

This June, we hope you will join the Gingrich Foundation in supporting Easterseals.