Newt Gingrich on America’s Newsroom | May 23, 2023


I think it’s partly a function of DeSantis having failed to fill the vacuum, there was a large vacuum of non-Trump Republicans. Trump keeps gaining in strength, the latest poll today has about 61% in a Republican primary which is astonishing. At the same time, DeSantis didn’t prove capable of reaching out to all the different elements of the party. You now have more and more people who say, I could be a competitor and Tim Scott is a terrific person. I watched him since he ran for county commission in 1995 then he became a congressman, then a senator. It is terrific for the country to have Tim Scott, who is a deeply committed Christian, offering a vision of hope of opportunity of unifying us, I think he’s going to be one of the real stars of the next two years. I think with Glenn Youngkin does a video on thinking about the future of America as opposed to the future of Virginia. There is more than a little bit of a hint but I think the real challenge for him is to do really well in the off year legislative elections. If they win control of both houses in Virginia, he’s got a pretty good argument to then run for president next year.


Is going to backfire and it’s crazy. They can issue a warning about Baltimore; they could issue a warning about New York or Chicago there are a lot of big cities dramatically and more physically dangerous than any place in Florida. Echoes right at his strength which is he runs a very solid law-abiding conservative state that’s tough on crime and is terrific for entrepreneurs and job creation and education system that actually teaches American history rather than anti-American history. So I think taking him on frankly diminishes the NAACP I was very surprised to see it I think it was a huge mistake on their part and I don’t think they should become just an attack arm of the democratic party I think it weakens them. 

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