Newt’s World – Episode 557: Artificial Intelligence – “Death of an Author”

Newt talks with Stephen Marche about his new book, “Death of an Author” which was written with the help of artificial intelligence writing technology. 

As Open AI’s ChatGPT-4 continues to develop and gain media attention and public debate, it has provoked a conversation in the creative community about when and how it should be used and who owns the rights to the work.  Journalist Stephen Marche has been immersed in the world of AI since 2017.  He is a believer in the benefits of AI as a tool for creative expression.  His new novella, “Death of an Author” was written by three cutting-edge AI-writing platforms.  The result is a gripping mystery that is 95% written by AI (his AI author’s name is Aidan Marchine), and 5% by Marche, who skillfully crafted the story outline and machine prompts.

Author: Stephen Marche

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