SpaceX Postpones Starship Launch Due to Frozen Valve

SpaceX’s first orbital Starship launch failed Monday due to technical issues, forcing Elon Musk to postpone the mission for “a few days.”  

The massive 395-foot-tall rocket was set to complete almost one circuit of the globe while the booster blasted it into orbit. However, SpaceX pulled the plug due to issues with the pressurization system on the $3 billion Super Heavy booster. With fewer than eight minutes left on the countdown clock, the SpaceX team transitioned to a wet dress rehearsal to let staff conduct pre-flight procedures. 

During the live stream, SpaceX’s Kate Tice said: “The point of the countdown is to allow the teams to progress that T-zero time in a coordinated fashion and really to unveil any issues before the ignition sequence.”  

Musk also announced the failed attempt on Twitter: “A pressurant valve appears to be frozen, so unless it starts operating soon, no launch today. There is another launch window for Tuesday at 8 am ET, but SpaceX needs 48 hours to recycle fuel, and the next launch could wait until Wednesday.” 

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