Half Of U.S. Investigators Fell Ill While Studying East Palestine Train Derailment

Last week U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention shared that seven of the 15 crew members working to assess and clean up the East Palestine train derailment, including members of the Epidemic Intelligence Service, began feeling ill while surveying town residents’ homes near the contaminated areas. 

“Symptoms resolved for most team members later the same afternoon, and everyone resumed work on survey data collection within 24 hours,” a CDC spokesperson told the network. “Impacted team members have not reported ongoing health effects.” Local and state authorities previously evacuated all residents within one mile of the Feb. 3 derailment and started a controlled burn of substances on the vehicle. 

Before working from their hotels, some group members began experiencing sore throats, headaches, coughing, and nausea, which mirrored the symptoms many of the town’s residents reported near the derailment site. 

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