Newt’s World – Episode 509: New Alzheimer’s Disease Treatment

Newt talks with Dr. Marwan Sabbagh about a new Alzheimer’s Disease treatment.

Eisai Co., Ltd. and Biogen Inc. announced on January 6th that under the Accelerated Approval Pathway the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved lecanemab-irmb, which has the brand name in the United States of LEQEMBITM, for the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease.  The approval is based on Phase 2 data that demonstrated that LEQEMBI reduced the accumulation of Aβ plaque in the brain, a defining feature of Alzheimer’s disease.  Newt’s guest is Dr. Marwan Sabbagh, MD.  He is a behavioral neurologist in the Alzheimer’s and Memory Disorders Program and a professor in the Department of Neurology at Barrow Neurological Institute and was one of the leading doctors of the study.

Guest: Dr. Marwan Sabbagh 

Dr. Marwan Sabbagh
Dr. Marwan Sabbagh


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FDA Approves Leqembi™ (Lecanemab-Irmb) Under The Accelerated Approval Pathway For The Treatment Of Alzheimer’s Disease – Eilai

Eleven Experts From Leading Medical Institutions And Eight Experts From Eisai* Publish Full Results Of Lecanemab Phase 3 Confirmatory Clarity Ad Study For Early Alzheimer’s Disease In The New England Journal Of Medicine – Eilai

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