Top House Republican Calls for 200,000 more Cops to Reverse Crime Wave 

In Washington, Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers is pleading for the end of “soft on crime” policies Democrats have been supporting. 

Because of softened crime policies, criminals have been emboldened and police forces have shrunk, placing urban and rural communities at risk. McMorris Rodgers explained, “We have increased crime, increased drug abuse, increased homicides, and break ins. It’s become a normal practice and people don’t feel safe on our streets.”  

In response to the outbreak of crime, Republicans have introduced the Commitment to America plan which includes boosting law enforcement numbers by 200,000 more officers through bonuses and hiring incentives. Additionally, it has been confirmed by a Biden official that the southern border is the primary method by which drugs are entering the nation. According to Rodgers, “A secure border is our strongest defense to crack down on Chinese illicit fentanyl, stop the cartels, and keep these weapon-grade poisons off our streets.”  

With a 20-year high of intentional killings of police officers, Rodgers is battling liberal prosecutors and judges attempting to keep criminals out of jails and prisons. The result of liberal crime policies is the country’s highest murder rate in over 20 years.  

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