Newt’s World – Episode 475: Renewing American Energy Independence 

Newt talks with Congressman Troy Balderson and Matt Hammond about renewing American energy independence.

Consumers are paying more for everything. Increases in shelter, food, and energy costs are the largest they’ve been in years. And one way we can reduce energy costs is by renewing American energy independence. Americans deserve affordable energy for our families.  Newt’s guests are Congressman Troy Balderson, representing Ohio’s 12th Congressional district, and Matt Hammond, spokesman for The Empowerment Alliance.

Guests: Congressman Troy Balderson and Matt Hammond

Congressman Troy Balderson
Congressman Troy Balderson

H.Res.1148 – Recognizing the benefits of natural gas to the United States economy and environment, and recognizing natural gas as an affordable and “green” energy

Path To America’s Common Sense Energy Agenda – The Empowerment Alliance

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