Tudor Dixon Attempts a Severe Upset as Biden Snubs Michigan on EV Battery Grants

Michigan is the largest car-producing state in the country and the home to the only nickel mine in the nation. Nickel is one of the crucial components of electric vehicle batteries. Consequently, when the Department of Energy announced $2.8 billion in funding for electric vehicle battery cell manufacturing, Michigan Democrats were shocked that none of that money was going to the state.  

The funding states include Alabama, Georgia, Kentucky, North Carolina, and North Dakota, meaning the funds will only go to predominantly foreign-owned, non-unionized automakers. The announcement came one month after President Joe Biden had been seen at the Detroit Auto Show holding hands with Gov. Gretchen Whitmer taking a victory lap over his electric vehicle push.  

Not only did it take local Democrats by surprise, but it also underscored the problems Democrats and Whitmer have in this state with voters: over-promising and not delivering on essential issues. 

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