RNC Says Google Suppressed More Than 22M GOTV, Fundraising Emails

The Republican National Committee says Google is suppressing get-out-the-vote and fundraising emails by sending millions of GOP election emails to users’ Gmail spam folders, with party leadership threatening to explore legal options. 

An RNC official told Fox News Digital that since Sept. 28, Gmail has “suppressed” more than 22 million RNC emails— including 358,000 GOTV emails. On Sept. 28, Gmail spammed more than 3.1 million RNC emails. The next day, Gmail spammed more than 9.8 million RNC emails; on Sept. 30, Gmail spammed more than 9.97 million RNC emails. 

An RNC official told Fox News Digital that Republicans have raised this issue with Google “for months” and said they have received “no resolution.”  

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