Mugged By Reality? Dems Pivot on Law and Order as Soft-on-Crime Liberals Assaulted, Burglarized 

Democrats have reversed their outlook on crime in the last few months after prominent liberals became victims of rising crime. 

For example, Bill Walton, the 69-year-old basketball legend-turned-garrulous broadcaster with a history of stirring controversy and advocating a range of progressive causes over the years, backed income and business tax hikes to fund homeless services. He supported Black Lives Matter rioters condemning police brutality following George Floyd’s death in 2020. 

However, recently, Walton has adopted a strikingly different tone on law and order. He criticized Todd Gloria, the Democrat mayor of his longtime home San Diego, with whom Walton typically aligns politically. The NBA hall of famer claims he has been assaulted multiple times recently and called on Gloria to do something about it.  

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