Woke Corporations are Supporting Groups that Promote Cop-Killing 

A recent opinion piece in Newsweek by Dominique Rivera, the widow of slain police officer Jason Rivera, shared that New York’s police officers are leaving the force in record numbers. She said they “make enormous sacrifices and put their lives on the line daily for this city.” In return, they get hung out to dry by self-interested politicians and denigrated by corporate executives seeking to prove how “woke” they are. 

Rivera said she knows about the “sacrifices police officers make for their community as she had been married for over three months when she got the call that every police officer’s family dreads.” She said she can “never just accept what happened to Jason because it should never have happened.” 

The suspected perpetrator, Lashawn McNeil, had a long rap sheet and was on probation for a felony drug conviction when he reportedly killed Officer Rivera. 

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