Soaring Prices Lead To Smaller Burgers, Pizzas At Restaurants 

Shrinkflation mainly referred to the shrinking size of paper towels, cereals, and other store products due to rising costs. But it is now shrinking your favorite burgers and pizzas. Yelp has shared, “For the first time ever consumers are mentioning ‘shrinkflation’ in Yelp reviews.” 

According to the new data, “In Q2 2022, consumers are talking about shrinkflation-related experiences most commonly at restaurants serving more affordable offerings like hot dogs, hamburgers, pizza, followed by seafood restaurants, Italian food, and Chinese food.” 

Noteworthy mentions of shrinkflation include chicken shops (up 82 percent), TexMex (up 68 percent), fruit and vegetable markets (up 66 percent), Caribbean restaurants (up 65 percent), poke (64 percent), soul food (up 57 percent), Hawaiian restaurants (up 57 percent) and convenience stores (up 55 percent). 

As food is becoming more expensive due to inflation, portions and quality are getting worse. 

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