FBI: Huawei Cell Tower Equipment Can Hack U.S. Nuclear Arsenal Communications 

The Federal Bureau of Investigation reported that Chinese-made Huawei equipment on cell phone towers could capture and disrupt highly restricted Defense Department communications, as well as those used by U.S. Strategic Command. 

Investigators who are working against Chinese espionage found the equipment in a rural part of the Midwest. However, the company involved, Huawei has consistently denied that its equipment can spy on behalf of Beijing.  

In response to the FBI finding, the Chinese company said, “For more than 30 years, Huawei has maintained a proven track record in cyber security, and we have never been involved in any malicious cyber security incidents.”  

According to FBI Director Christopher Wray, “As Americans, we should all be concerned by the potential for any company beholden to a foreign government—especially one that doesn’t share our values—to burrow into the American telecommunications market.” 

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