The Biden Administration’s War With Elon Musk

The Biden Administration issued more than 75 environmental actions before Musk’s next rocket launch can take place

The Biden Administration is continuing its war with Elon Musk, issuing more than 75 environmental actions before Musk’s next rocket launch can take place, according to the Free Press News. Numerous steps and actions must be taken by SpaceX, such as donating $5,000 per year to an ocelot refuge and peregrine falcon fund. According to the company’s announcement, a shuttle has been required by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to make matters even more serious

Alec Stapp, the co-founder of the Institute for Progress, expressed his frustration saying, “why can’t we build things anymore in the U.S? Look at this absurd process the FAA is making SpaceX go through.”

Another hurdle SpaceX will have to cross is the requirement to support regional education and preservation by writing a historical report of the Boca Chica geographic area under the FAA’s recent announcement. SpaceX must also produce five interpretative signs illustrating the “history and significance” and funding “educational outreach” regarding the area’s cultural traditions, the agency said.

A biologist will be required to ensure that there are no endangered species within a three-mile radius of the Boca Chica SpaceX launch site. Musk has said that although he is disappointed in the pile of regulations, he understands the importance of not harming endangered species.

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