Confronting Evil in America

by Newt Gingrich

As I listen to the various discussions and speculations about the horrible – but all too common – mass killing at the Uvalde Elementary School, I am haunted by the core analysis that seems to be unacceptable to our elites.

Evil exists. Evil hunts for opportunities to infect humans. Humans infected and overpowered by evil do horrible things.

The more than two-centuries-old drive to replace religion with secularism and faith with popular rationale, has been a stunning failure in the disasters it has created for mere mortals.

Swapping Isaiah for Freud and the Gospels for modern psychology has left a nation of empty souls – and a desperation for meaning.

To be clear: I’m not arguing for the converse. Psychology and mental health disciplines are desperately needed – but alone, they are inadequate. When they replace spiritual disciplines, it is to humanity’s detriment.


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