Newt Gingrich on Fox & Friends | May 16, 2022



Okay. My apologies I thought for a second you were going to play a clip of Biden. I think that the challenge in Oregon is that the Portland has been such total disaster that people really have gotten tired of the level of crime. They have gotten tired of antifa. Of nightly riots and as a result, the whole tone of the state has turned pretty sour for Democrats. The challenge for them is in this case for example, you have a moderate Democrat who I suspect Biden endorsed early because they wanted this Democrat to survive. Instead, the real challenge to them now in the primary coming from the left have the very people who are being repudiated as being too radical and if he loses the primary. I have a hunch the Republican will pick up that seat. So, all around the country you are seeing this play out. The hard left wants more of the policies that fail. Meanwhile the moderate Democrats find themselves trapped between voter unhappiness and their activist base’s unhappiness. I think they are getting squeezed from both sides.


And they have all been beating each other up. I actually have a bias here because just I did a call for Carla Sans who is the former ambassador to Denmark who is also running. She may end up emerging tomorrow night just because she’ll be the least beaten-up candidate. Barnett is now being beaten up by a super PAC that is saying that she is a never Trumper. You have had Oz really beat up McCormick for his investments in China. Everyone has been beating up Oz for a variety of things. And it’s been a long time since we’ve seen a primary where all three of the top people have been so badly battered. I think there are still 30% or 40% undecided in Pennsylvania who is going to have to go in tomorrow. A little bit like that race in New Jersey last year where you had a Republican trucker win for $2,300 because people walked in the booth and said not the state senate president. They didn’t know who the new guy was they didn’t want the old guy. I think it’s very, very much up in the air. I’m going to watch will Pennsylvania tomorrow night with real fascination.

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