Poll Results: Will you be gathering with family and friends for Thanksgiving?

Last week, we asked readers, "Will you be gathering with family and friends for Thanksgiving?" A total of 338 readers responded to share their holiday plans.

The vast majority of respondents said that they planned to gather with family or friends last week, with 92.01 percent of the vote (311 readers). Just 7.99 percent said that they would not be gathering for Thanksgiving (27 readers).

Last year, readers were asked a similar question in our poll, with 63.31 percent saying they would have Thanksgiving as usual, while 32.54 percent changed their plans due to COVID-19. With the advent of COVID-19 vaccines, many Americans feel more comfortable gathering together compared to the holidays last year. It will be interesting to see if families and friends gather for Christmas in the coming weeks as well with COVID-19 booster shots also available.

Disclaimer: These polls are to measure the opinions of our readers, and the results reflect the views of those who choose to respond. These polls are opinion-based and not proven, nor based on scientific methods of sampling, data collection, and analysis. We encourage all readers to be informed and educated based on scientific methods of data collections.

Will you be gathering with Family and Friends for Thanksgiving?