Health Care Costs Are Surpassing Inflation: Why it Matters for You

What is President Biden’s “cradle to grave” health care approach, and what does it mean for you? 

According to The Kaiser Family Foundation’s Employer Health Benefit Survey, annual family premiums for employer-sponsored health insurance have risen 4 percent this year. A press release also revealed family premiums have increased by 47 percent over the past 10 years. This increase surpassed inflation and wage growth.  

In America, 155 million citizens are enrolled in employer-sponsored health care programs.  

The Biden administration has claimed those who enroll in federal aid programs, such as the Affordable Care Act, will save “an average of $40 per person per month — that’s nearly $2,000 per year for a typical family of four.” 

What this means, however, is that “the President’s domestic spending agenda seeks to increase the federal government’s role in Americans’ lives — from cradle to grave.” 

To read more about President Biden’s health care and “Build Back Better” agenda, head over to the Daily Wire 

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