Supply Shortages Not Going Away Any Time Soon Thanks to Biden’s Policies

Peter St. Onge on why recent supply chain shortages are the government’s fault – and why they aren’t going away any time soon.

Worries of supply chain shortages and rising prices are at the forefront of many Americans’ minds. While President Joe Biden attempts to blame these struggles on the effects of COVID-19, economist Peter St. Onge, as well as others, believe the blame lies on the government itself.   

In a recent commentary piece, St. Onge said that while the administration “mumbles and smirks” its way through the ordeal, the true problem lies with disruptions from China, as finished goods and parts are unable to be shipped. The Democrat-run state of California has been especially inept in how it is handling the matter, with only one of six main port terminals in Los Angeles in operation four days a week.  

Not only will Americans have to plan ahead in thinking about Christmas gifts, but meats, juices, breads and other foods could be in short supply all the way through 2023. “Union chokeholds, environmental and labor mandates on truckers, mandates on supply chain workers across the board, crony trade restrictions, and excessive unemployment benefits,” are all to blame St. Onge concludes. President Biden certainly has his work cut out for him, as his first year of leadership does little to inspire hope for the next three. 

Read Peter St. Onge’s piece at the Daily Signal. 

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