4.3 Million People Left Their Jobs in August, Reportedly to Pursue Better Opportunities

Record number of people quit their jobs in August with more than 10 million job openings the same month.

According to the Labor Department, almost 3 percent of the workforce left jobs in August. The question is, “Why?” Many are attributing the record-breaking number to the more than 10.4 million job openings in August. Many workers may have left their jobs to find better, higher-paying ones. Workers simply have a plethora of new options. With the pandemic, many employers are changing requirements. This includes allowing employees to work remotely. 

Still, despite the astronomical number of job openings, some employers are still struggling to find workers. According to the latest jobs report, the market has not bounced back to where it was pre-pandemic. To encourage people to return to work, Republican officials made cuts to federal unemployment benefits. Still, the shortage of workers remains. Is it possible that the reluctance to get back to work is a consequence of the growing push for vaccine mandates? 

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